Amor Hilton Is Taught A Life Lesson

Apparently Amor Hilton is a pornstar? Hard to believe when this whore sucks at everything and doesn’t put forth any effort. Anyhow, that’s not how things at work so she’s in for a rude awakening. Up until now to get by in life she’s used her good looks and when things don’t work out to her advantage, she blames others. Today she’ll learn that it’s no ones fault, but her own for her life being shitty. Amor is covered in ‘trendy’ tattoos now, but in 15 years they’ll make her look like a used up trailer trash whore. This cunt was put to work as the cocks pushed their way down her throat fucking her esophagus as it stretched to maximum capacity. She hated every minute of it, oh well skank you must earn that dollar. The guys then fucked this whores cunt to the point she could barely walk and could only stumble around. See twat, this is how you make a living.

See Amor Hilton Have To Put An Effort To Make A Buck