Mindy Deep 2 – Mindy Goes Deeper

Mindy Deep is back on FaceFucking.com to prove she can go deeper. Yes this skank didn’t have her throat fucked or face smacked enough the first time around. This time around she also shares more stories from her fucked up past. Last time around she shared that she was in a relationship where the guy beat her which explains the way she reacted to being slapped. The ante was upped for this scene as she was blindfolded and was unaware of when the guys palms would meet her flesh. It’s a joy to watch this dingbat brace herself and flinch when she thought a hand would land on her. Because she’s a good bitch she got to wear the dog collar and was taken for a walk. She was rewarded with a chew toy for her good behavior. Mindy Deep 2 is a messy scene with puke, snot dripping, and more.

Watch Mindy Deep Prove She's A Good Whore